Knowledge Management

Learning Organization Rapid Diagnostic Tool

You can not innovate if you are not able to manage your knowledge and learn from your successes and failures.


Most companies understand that innovation is the best way to achieve outstanding goals. However, to produce it, you must provide a safe and fertile environment, and the base relay in the knowledge and the capability to help the learning process.

For an organization, incorporating the concept of learning responds to a need to stay competitive and survive the demands they find themselves in.

Capturing the lessons learned, transferring the knowledge of its experts, facilitating and promoting innovation, and properly managing knowledge are activities that concern a modern organization and that are positively manifested through a culture of learning.

We can help you become a Learning Organization. With our Learning Organization Maturity Model, we can find out How does your organization start becoming a learning organization? or How do you know what level of learning organization you have achieved? Our method is based on three steps: Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Recommendations.

The Method



Based on a web survey, focused on
– Leadership
– Processes and Infrastructure
– Communications
– Education
– Culture

Maturity Model


The survey is processed with complex algorithms based on an Artificial Intelligence Engine to convert the data into a Learning Organization Maturity Model.

This evaluation provides the company an overview of the current status. The evaluation addresses the following questions:
– Where is your organization on the maturity model?
– What is your organization’s investment towards becoming a learning organization?



The diagnosis and evaluation provides enough information to help you balance the investment to improve the performance within the learning organizational maturity model

We can identify areas of lack and saturation towards the optimization of time and investment.

We provide youu a balance card with a visual representation of achievements and areas of improvements to better communicate processese to your community.

What is the Learning Organization Rapid Diagnostic Tool?

It is a self-assessment tool
It provides a direct route instead of expensive detours
It provides a periodic measurement and benchmarking
it provides advice for strategic planning

Let’s fill the gap between Innovation Management and Knowledge Management and make innovation not only top-down but also bottom-up!

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